Krishna Das’ One Track Heart


Today Thaddeus and I spent the afternoon in a tiny independent movie theatre we just discovered here in Denver watching a matinee of a heartfelt new documentary about kirtan-wallah Krishna Das.

If you’ve ever been into a yoga studio in America, you’ve probably heard his soulful voice whether you know his name or not. It is truly distinct, carrying with it a power and depth of emotion that is like no other musician or bhajan singer out there. Krishna Das sings traditional devotional songs, mostly in Sanskrit or Hindi. His music though is not pure traditional Indian music. It is presented in a way that is perhaps more accessible to a Western audience while still maintaining the authenticity of the practice of kirtan. Long before he discovered the Mahamantra, Krishna Das was playing the blues as an emotional outlet and his kirtan is infused with that.

This film, One Track Heart, is his story about how he came to be the musician that he is, all through the grace of his Guru, Neem Karoli Baba. It is a beautiful story; a tale of getting lost, finding real unconditional love and happiness, feeling lost from love and then finding it again only to discover it was never truly lost, merely hidden for decades because of fears and illusion.

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What’s Inspiring Me Today…


Remembering Shyam Das – a true Bhakta so full of love, devotion and a real gift for sharing this with others. His kirtans at Bhakti Fest were always some of the best. He left his body in India yesterday and he will be very missed. He opened the hearts of so many people with his hilarious yet deep stories and perfectly bhav-bubbling-over kirtans. There are many beautiful words and stories floating around today about Shyam-ji. This post from Krishna Das is especially moving. Haribol!

This video of B.K.S. Iyengar as a young man practicing awe-inducing asana. I find these old silent films of the Krishnamacharya’s devoted students absolutely awesome – way more cool than the groovy tuned, scantily-clad yoga-girl videos so prevalent on the web today.

David Garrigues talking about pain and injury in Ashtanga Yoga. I needed to hear this today. My SI pain has been acting up a bit, so it’s good to have this reminder….still trying to figure out what the lesson inherent is….but no doubt about it, pain is real.

I’ve been into digging through fanciful assorted images of dancers, actresses, antique prints and other oddities on the web recently. I’ve been compiling a board on Pinterest of some of my favorites.


What’s been inspiring you recently?

Love and Blessings,